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    In India we have seen many ashrams BUT when the initializing visionary or guru moves out, there remains only a gone-dry tree without leaves, flowers and fruits – lifeless – we feel sad to see this and do not want to repeat this.  Therefore this attempt on organizing or structuring A PLACE for those, who have understood, that a gradual approach towards silence is most rewarding – supported by members, willing to contribute in a structured and transparent way.  For knowledgeable and skillful members – not menial paid laborers – nor big donors, who do not live in the place but want to influence without bearing the living consequences.–

    Every member/practitioner is minding exclusively his own activity for 23 hours a day.  Every member/meditator is paying utmost respect to the community for 1 hour a day.   Members will be working and sharing: in cleaning, preparation of meals and keeping up the shelter. 

    Every 7 days a full assembly (which has the function of the guru and is not longer than 30 minutes), of all humans on the compound is held.  All members are present, to harmonize what needs to be harmonized in respect to: cleaning, eating and sleeping.  No more than 100 members to avoid clumsiness and anonymity.

    The place has 2 full time working members, elected for one year, whose duty is to organize the functioning of the place according to the needs of the place.

    First, the manager  works out working-slips, to be picked up by members according to their liking and ability about the works to be done, to the best of his understanding.  He is open for discussion.

Second, the discipline master has the final word on who stays or who leaves.  He needs not to discuss.

                       THE ABOVE IS THE HOUSE RULE.  Everything else is decided by

                       common sense sharing (full assembly conclusions) – intuitively putting

                       forward what feels right –NOT by intellectual discussion, which would be tiring.

    To set up the basic facility, it may be suitable to have a pre-subscription of interested yogis.  When actual subscription starts (e.g. with US$ 500), the facility will be setup within a maximum of 6 to 12 months construction time, within which the remaining US$ 1,000 and US$ 1,500 are paid.  Each member has the life long right to come and sit in this place as long as he needs to or pleases to, on the condition that he respects the general function. 

    The place is at a height of 1500 – 1800m from sea level, therefore there is no need for air conditioning but only a very slight need for solar heating in winter.              

    First option to set up camp is: India, the mother-country of all religions, in a hill station like Mussory, Darjeeling, Ooty, Kodaikanal or Lonavla.                          

    The second option is: Myanmar, where the whole population is very supportive to meditation by providing food, clothes and shelter.              

    Finally , third, fourth and fifth option, but not least (if India or Burma are too difficult or traditionally complicated) then China, Australia or Korea offer the scope of a promising young child, flexible, open and dynamic, which India and Burma do not.

All interested may want to share in a web-log, to be set up, for brain storming on this proposal.


An Idea is Born

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